martedì 12 agosto 2008



d. ramirez feat. tc - with me or against me (tocadisco's carnival in rio mix)
massi dl - acidland (nt89 rmx)
minilogue - jamaica (dubfire dreamill rmx)
aphex twin - digeridoo (nt89 live rmx)
andrea doria - arsenico (nt89 re-edit)
modeselektor - the white flash (trentemoller rmx)
the knife - marble house (booka shade rmx)
boys noize feat i-robots - frau (puzique / nt89 V2 edit)
dusty kid - kore (nt89 edit)
nic fanciulli & james zabiela - no pressure (nt89 & dusty kid's kore reprise)
nudisco - pepperjuice (piemont rmx)
the kills - cheap & cheerfull (sebastian remix / nt89 dark re-groove)
le noir - eleny (luke dzierzek rmx)
moby - go (trentemoller rmx)
dusty kid - america (nt89's camdentown vocal club rmx)

Hi there, i have just uploaded the july 08 mix, which (in my opinion) is absolutely my best mix so far, it got an heavy dark and pretty minimal touch aka fucking experimental thing.
It was made with 3 (yea, 3!) EKS OTUS (not mine unfortunately :( ,available to buy from 1st sep) and 1 Korg miniKaoss pad (new arrive in my family :D). That was the most experimental & funny thing i have ever played out. About the tracklist, it's full of mine remixes &/or re-edits that i made some times ago, i could do that for now just with this dark tech style, for example a kinda bloody beetroots track wouldn't work on it in the way i was mixing but i'm very very very satisfied and happy with the final risult, i have to practice and optimize a lot now with this set-up again becouse i want it to be my live djset default set-up and obviously i still got to buy 3 of these wonderfull eks product.
The last track is a rmx i have done yesterday night on the Dusty Kid's last track "America" (thanks to Pabs for this) with samples from Emanuele Inglese's "old" hit "Camdentown" and its remix made by Andrea Bertolini. Before giving it out on blogs i want to master it with the X-Fi technology coz i heard it's pretty impressive. It was recorded in the Alba the producer's studio.

Hope you like it.

P.S. A lot of you is asking for the new nt89 t-shirts designed by helen k (the skull one)
that you can see in the superbeautiful Oliva Mc Clintock's photos, well, they will be available very very soon, i'm triyng to get them to be sold at the lowest price possible.


Stay tuned for more nt's stuff-

Much Love,

giovedì 17 luglio 2008

Old School Reunion "HIGH FIVE" free ep

"So after a few weeks of playing with logic here is our first EP.
Now it's free because we love free stuff and would any one really pay for it?!?
we dunno we just know we had a ball making the tracks and playing with effects.
so theres 3 tracks, very dark and prolly a lil to heavy but it was inside and needed to come out, i here on music forums that there are no rules so here we go!!!
it was all recorded on Apples Logic with 2 free plug ins, NO SAMPLES WERE USED!!
no analog or softsynths )o: maybe oneday we can buy some of that fun?!
we would love to know what you think to the EP and if theres any tracks you love or hate let us know?!


if you need any info on any oldschool fun just email us or give us a myspace message!!"
much love always //James & Celeste (Old School Reunion)

lunedì 7 luglio 2008

Mickey Moonlight "Interplanetary Music"

Ed Banger records ha appena aggiunto un nuovo artista nella sua scuderia, l'inglese Mickey Moonlight. Sembra dunque che l'etichetta di Pedro Winter sia andata oltre i confini nazionali e abbia scelto un genere totalmente diverso da quelli già presenti in ed rec. Mickey apporta un intellettualismo sconosciuto che a tratti riporta a Zongamin. Lo stesso artista brittanico ha aiutato Mickey Moonlight a produrre il suo primo singolo, una cover di "Interplanetary Music" che a detta dei Late of the Pier è una delle track più belle uscite da 10 anni a questa parte.
Il singolo uscirà a breve proprio per Ed Banger records su 12" con remix di Riton, Zongamin e S.P.A.

>>>Micket Moonlight - Interplanetary Music<<<

Mickey Moonlight Myspace

venerdì 6 giugno 2008


ph017 NT89 "YOU ARE MY VERY SPECIAL ONE" Released Today!!

New on Philtre, NT89 'YOU ARE MY VERY SPECIAL ONE' released today. Featuring remixes by DISTORT & HOSTAGE, TOM DELUXX of BOXON RECORDS, CECILE and ODDITY.

Download here from KOMPAKT

giovedì 5 giugno 2008

Brilliants "CAMEL EP"

artwork by MSTRFRNK


1. Camel
2. Tion

3. Collus Window

4. Chapter 2 Individualism


Mattia e Robert,questi sono i Brilliants di Forlì. I due mettono in campo un suono scarno e minimale ma che urtica e incide in profondità. Un pò punk, un pò White Stripes, un pò LCD Soundsystem, un pò techno dark, il duo non si preoccupa molto della forma ma attraverso ritmiche ipnotiche e un pò inquietanti, una spruzzata di elettronica e una voce quasi indisponente si pone al di fuori dei dancehall ma anche delle arene del rock con un’attitudine sovversiva e alternativa. Sono ancora acerbi e magari devono centrare meglio il bersaglio ma hanno stoffa e speriamo che non si perdano per le strade.
Andate avanti così ragazzi.

- Fabrizio Pannarese


mercoledì 4 giugno 2008

Minitel Rose "The French Machine"

La rivelazione synthpop dell'anno si chiama Minitel Rose, il trio di Nantes composto da
Raphaël, Romain & Quentin pubblica il suo primo EP su Futur (fondata proprio dai membri della band e quindi auto-prodotta) con un cd contentente 7 tracce audio + una video e dall'eloquente titolo "The French Machine" che non nasconde la natura e l'ambiente di provenienza nostalgico dei mitici anni80.

01. Elevator
02. Business Woman
03. Be with You
04. Magic Powder
05. Continue
06. When I was Punk
07. Better Days part.II

+ 1 Video "Magic Powder"

DOWNLOAD "The French Machine" MEDLEY

sabato 31 maggio 2008

The Bloody Beetroots June 2008 minimix

Tracklist :

1.The Aston Shuffle "Stomp Yo" Bloody Beetroots RMX
2.Micky Green "Shoulda" Bloody Beetroots RMX
3.MSTRKRFT "Bounce" Bloody Beetroots RMX
4.The Bloody Beetroots "Rombo"
5.The Bloody Beetroots "Yeyo" Roughmix
6.The Bloody Beetroots "Cinematic"
7.The Kills "Cheap and Cheerful" Bloody Beetroots RMX
8.Cazals "Somebody Somewhere" Bloody Beetroots RMX
9.The Kills "Cheap and Cheerful" Bloody Beetroots Miami Bass RMX
10.Benny Benassi "I'm not drunk" Bloody Beetroots inst RMX
11.Crookers "Purple Lens Game" Bloody Beetroots RMX
12.The Toxic Avenger "Escape" Bloody Beetroots 2008 Pump RMX
13.The Bloody Beetroots "Dimmakmmunication"
14.JFK and Bob Rifo "Unknow" Roughmix
15.The Bloody Beetroots "Storm" Roughmix