giovedì 17 luglio 2008

Old School Reunion "HIGH FIVE" free ep

"So after a few weeks of playing with logic here is our first EP.
Now it's free because we love free stuff and would any one really pay for it?!?
we dunno we just know we had a ball making the tracks and playing with effects.
so theres 3 tracks, very dark and prolly a lil to heavy but it was inside and needed to come out, i here on music forums that there are no rules so here we go!!!
it was all recorded on Apples Logic with 2 free plug ins, NO SAMPLES WERE USED!!
no analog or softsynths )o: maybe oneday we can buy some of that fun?!
we would love to know what you think to the EP and if theres any tracks you love or hate let us know?!


if you need any info on any oldschool fun just email us or give us a myspace message!!"
much love always //James & Celeste (Old School Reunion)

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